“ My pain is gone. I have a few sore spots, but they are getting better every day.”
–Steve R.

“ The office staff here at Dr. McClellan’s is the best. From the time I walk in the office they all make me feel good.” — Paul G.

“ I have been under your care for nearly two years. During that time, I’ve seen a big improvement in my health. I rarely get colds or sinus infections any more. I haven’t had to a rescue inhaler in the past year.” – Lisa W.

“ I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you thanks. Every day that I get up and see my husband able to do what he wants to do, rather than what he can do, is just amazing to me. – Amy L.

“ I was having severe pain in my right neck and hip, also in my lower back. I could hardly move my right ankle from a severe sprain when I was 18 years old. Now I can move it freely and it feels great. I’m not having pain in my neck, hip and back. I consider my self a success story for Dr. Mike McClellan. – Steve B.

“ Thank you for allowing God to use you both in the healing process of my body. The adjustments of my hip and spine have given great relief of back pain.”—Steve B.

“ You have done so much for my body. Thanks to you this old eighty-year-old lady is able to get around and care for herself.” – Mary M.

“I can’t speak for all chiropractors but I can speak for mine. I thank them for letting God use them to get my life back on track.” Kathy H.