Questions To Ask Your Surgeon Before Back or Neck Surgery

Many of our patients are facing surgery when they come to us. We have learned some good questions to ask your doctor before you go under the knife:

Why is this surgical procedure being recommended?
Are there alternatives?
What are the benefits of this procedure in terms of pain relief, functioning/mobility?
 How long will the benefit last?
What are the risks involved?
What is the success rate for this procedure?
Will this surgery solve the problem?
Will any more surgery be required in the future?
 What percentage of patients improve following the procedure?
What will happen if I don’t have the surgery now?
Are there possible after effects or risks?
What pain relief or pain control measures will I be given?
How long will the recovery take?
What are my limitations during recovery?
For how long?
Will I need physical therapy?
When can I return to work?
When can I drive my car?
Are there any written materials or videotapes about this surgery that I can review?
Surgery is serious business. Your doctor will want you to know what you need to know before you take that step.
We are always happy to examine any patient facing surgery, or pain-killing drugs, and provide additional  information for you to make an informed decision. Call us anytime : 256 442 1441.