Neck Problems

Neck Problems

Neck problems cause discomfort and are often caused by poor posture or overuse. Fortunately, the symptoms of neck problems can usually be treated at home, although persistent or worsening pain might require medical care.

Stiffness of the neck,  dull aches or sharp pains, popping sounds, difficult movement, and pain that extends into the shoulders or back are symptoms of neck problems.

Symptoms of neck problems are caused by worn joints; strained muscles; bone or nerve disorders; infections; injuries; and bad posture.

Neck problems can make it difficult to engage in daily activities such as driving or reading, and can cause difficulty getting comfortable while resting or sleeping.

People who have recently experienced an auto accident or fall and have symptoms of neck problems should seek urgent care because of the possibility of a broken bone in the neck.

Symptoms of neck problems can often be treated with self-care such as rest, ice, heat, and massage; pain relievers, prescription medication, immobilization and surgery might be necessary for severe problems.

Taking frequent breaks while driving or using a computer; stretching the neck and shoulders; maintaining good posture; using headsets for cell phones; and good sleep hygiene are techniques that can reduce symptoms of neck problems.

Any neck problem should be taken seriously. Make your next stop at your chiropractor so you can be properly checked out. You will be glad you did!