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Dawn Lost 93 Pounds in 9 Months

At McClellan Family Chiropractic (a Gadsden, AL area weight loss clinic), Dawn has accomplished the following:

  • Lost 18 pounds in one month
  • Lost 93 pounds in nine months
  • Became a weight loss coach
  • Became a celebrity in her hometown of Southside, AL

Check out the video below.
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Kristi Lost 35 Pounds in 3 Months on Medifast

Back in 2013, Kristi tried our weight loss program in Rainbow City (near Gadsden, AL) and had great results. Her story bears repeating. If you are interested in checking out this weightloss, program, call Dr. Leslie McClellan at 256 494 8690 today. The program is fueled by Medifast.There is a FREE consultation, so please, call. YOU owe it to yourself!

Listen to her testimony:

Lost 48 Lbs & 6 Sizes! Medifast In Gadsden

Lost 48 Lbs & 6 Sizes!

Dr Leslie has been a real “health coach” for me. She has helped me peel away the layers to help me understand how I had gained all the extra weight in my life. I resisted calling her at first because I had tried many of the fad diets and weight loss gimmicks that had not worked for me. But to satisfy a friend who knew about the weight loss results at McClellan… I agreed to call her. All these pounds later, I’m glad I did! She’s helped me make a total eating lifestyle change that’s allowed me to do active things with my husband that I had never been able to do in our 15 years of marriage! I am so glad Medifast is now in Gadsden! Dr Leslie has been amazing. She’s such a great counselor, taking my calls and texting back and forth to encourage me and work through the program. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, call Dr McClellan!

Dawn B.-  Southside

Dr Leslie is ready to help you discover a healthy lifestyle solution to your weight problem. Call her today at 256 494 8690!

Michelle went from a size 18 to a size 6

We’ve found a weight loss program that WORKS! Please look below at Michelle’s story:

Gadsden Medifast Weight Loss Program

I have been overweight my whole life. I have been on A LOT of diets but yet I found myself still struggling with my weight. I work full time and I have two small children. My life is busy and I had little time to take care of myself… or so I thought. I was introduced to this program and it has changed my life! I have lost 65 pounds on this program with the help of my health coach! I have gone from an embarrassing size 18 to a fabulous size 6! Woohoo! I now have the energy and confidence I have dreamed of… that is why I am now helping others get help for their weight problems.

From Dr. Leslie: If you are interested in losing weight in Gadsden, Alabama, contact me at 256 494 8690 today or click here. We are using Doctor-supervised Take Shape For Life program fueled by Medi-Fast. You don’t have to suffer the consequences of being overweight. Call today!