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2016 Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips

Water ! Water! Water.  It kick-starts your metabolism. Stop drinking soda!

Make one change at a time. Don’t cut everything out at once. For example, cut out fried foods. When you’re used to that, cut out soda, etc.

Lay off the rubbish food, apart from one day a week where you can eat what you like – it’ll help you stick to it and you won’t have the temptation to eat rubbish all the time.

Eat according to the Glycemic Index, sticking with low and medium index foods.

Be mindful of what you are eating. Keep a food journal or diary. Seeing it in writing always gives it value and    helps reveal patterns or triggers. Many of our clients are discovering how they can make permanent changes
in their health by following some great truths about weightloss. If you are interested in hearing more about
how to take it off and keep it off, call Dr Leslie McClellan today for a free consultation. 256-494-8690.
She can help YOU change the rest of your life!

Weightloss Tips

Hope your summer’s going like you had hoped. Many of our patients are having the best summer of their lives, shedding the fat and losing weight!

Here are some weightloss tips for you to consider:

Foods with healthy fats such as olives, salmon and walnuts help you feel satisfied.
Skipping meals can cause your body to go into a fat-storing starvation mode, making it harder to burn calories.

You may be used to fried foods but there are other, sometimes healthier, ways to cook including: roasting, steaming, poaching, baking, braising and broiling.
Don’t confuse thirst with hunger. Drink a glass of water when you feel hungry to see if that’s what you’re really craving.

Create emergency packs filled with healthy foods such as nuts, fruits or sliced vegetables to help you avoid unhealthy temptations.

Add red pepper flakes to your pantry. When eaten early in the day, red pepper lowers the amount of food you’ll eat later.

Hope this helps. We’ll have more next week.

We are helping dozens of people reach their weightloss  goals. It’s good to know there’s still hope if you are overweight. Call on us if we can help you. Phone 256 442 1441.

Weight Loss Tips For A New YOU

Weight Loss Tips For A New YOU

Portion control used with a 20 minute wait time — wait 20 minutes after eating the sensible portions, and then see if you still feel hungry. Nine times out of ten, you won’t. If you do, get a little more.

Cut out sugar.

No fast food. Period.

If you’re a parent, don’t absorb “invisible” calories by eating your kids’ food.

Snack between meals – starving yourself for 6 or 7 hours at a time between lunch and dinner means you will overeat at dinner.

Eat slow and you will only eat as much as you need to be full.

Whenever you eat, think about how much food you would waste by overeating. Your body doesn’t *need* all the food that’s on your plate, why waste it? You could eat the leftovers for lunch the next day and save yourself some money, or you could split it with your loved one and have company while you eat. You could give it to the homeless guy down the block who REALLY needs it. Any reason you find not to waste that food is a good one.

We know of several people who have lost 50 pounds and more by following a simple plan. If you need to lose those pounds you put on in 2013, make a resolution NOW to call Dr Leslie McClellan to hear how she has helped change the eating lifestyle of dozens of people. Her number is 256 494 8690.It’s free to talk to her. It may be the most important call you make this year!

Some Weight Loss Tips Volume 1

Some Weight Loss Tips Volume 1

We have really seen some incredible stories from our weight loss clients. Here are some tips we’ve shared with them:
•Remember to keep your goals in sight to motivate yourself.

•5 Word Diet Plan – and the only one that works: Eat Less and Move More!

•Doing the 30-day challenge to make something a habit really helps make exercise and proper eating a no-brainer.The first step is getting yourself to do it, after that, the gains are much easier to make.

•To be successful you need to change your life. You need to take control of the bad habits you have turned into an unhealthy life. You need to be excited about it too. And you have to believe that you can do it. Dreams turn into reality very quickly when you work hard.

•Ultimately weight loss is about the balance between calories taken in and calories burned. Take the weight you want to be and the activity level that you maintain and calculate the number of calories that you should eat to maintain that weight. Now you have to eat fewer calories than this number, on average, over time to lose weight and achieve your target. Keep a food diary with full daily calorie calculations. Write down everything.

•Avoid processed food, or at least food where you can’t pronounce the ingredients. Keep it as natural as possible.

•Stop watching the scale every day. If you weigh yourself, do it just once a week — as soon as you wake up, after you use the bathroom.

•No matter how much you want a change in your life, nothing will happen until you DO something. You can talk about starting an exercise regiment and eating healthier foods all you want, but nothing will change until you START DOING IT.

We have some incredible stories to share. Make this new year one of healthy living. Call us if you need help. 256-442-1441. And Happy New Year to you and your family!!!