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Elite Sports Clinic Now Open In Gadsden



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At McClellan Elite Sports Clinic, we use cutting edge biomechanical techniques to treat athletes of all ages.

We help elite athletes achieve maximum performance and we help casual sports participants prevent injuries and recover quickly.

Our complete muscular and biomedical examination and evaluation.

We examine posture, spinal/pelvic region, look for unbalanced center of gravity, test all muscular groups, foot arches, symmetry and balance.

We also test aerobic and anaerobic capacity, endurance, core strength and speed. Following these tests, we draw a roadmap for our patient’s plan for peak performance and athletic achievement.

Make an appointment and let us help you become a “Champion!”






McClellan Family Chiropractic Opens New Elite Sports Clinic in Gadsden, Alabama

Hear From One Of Our Circle Of Champions at Elite Sports Clinic

“ I have been a World Champion Powerlifter over the years and had been treated by Dr Mike McClellan several times  over the last 15 years. I had stopped coming for a time as I competed at a high level around the United States. I slipped on a warmup pad several years ago and hurt my lower back. It got steadily worse and I eventually got to the point where I could not squat. After a career of heavy weightlifting, full-contact karate, football and boxing, my back was in bad shape.My wife and I talked about me retiring from competition because my back hurt so badly.  I came back to Dr Mike at the Elite Sports Clinic for his help, and boy did he! His treatments reduced my pain by 90 per cent. I made a comeback in competition and broke 28 world records in that elite completion. In 2012 I broke the all-time squat record of 832 lbs at the age of 56!

The good Lord sent me to Dr Mike. Because of God’s help and Dr Mike’s treatment, I have a new lease on my powerlifting career. Thank YOU Dr Mike, you changed my life.”

Buddy McKee- Gadsden

Here’s some of Buddy’s Awards:

American Powerlifting Federation – Won 14 Masters World Championships

Set 32 American powerlifting records

Set 28 World powerlifting records

A NEW Sports Medicine Clinic Now in Gadsden!


“ I am a 70-year-old golfer. I really love my golf and the people I play with. In 2014 I hurt my lower back and it really affected my golf game as well as the rest of my life. In the Spring of 2014 one of my friends really started playing great golf, showing a real improvement. I asked him why he was playing so well and he told me Dr Mike McClellan had done wonders for him. I went to see Dr Mike in July and he started a treatment plan for my back. I could really tell that I felt much more flexible and the pain mostly went away.

In September I shot a 70! One of my goals  playing golf has been to shoot my age. It was a dream come true. I shot a 69 a few days later. I achieved my goal twice in one month! Thanks to Dr Mike , I have my game back. I highly recommend anyone needing to fix their back, please call Dr Mike McClellan before you try anything else. He’s been great for me!”

Sam Evetts- Gadsden

Elite Sports Clinic Grand Opening in Gadsden,Alabama

We are excited to announce the grand opening of our Elite Sports Clinic here at McClellan Family Chiropractic.

Our Mission:

To help elite athletes achieve maximum performance and casual sports participants prevent injuries and recover quickly.

We use cutting edge biomechanical techniques, examine posture, look for unbalanced center of gravity and test muscle groups along with symmetry and balance with emphasis on the spine and neck.

In addition we evaluate all extremities: wrists,hands, hips, shoulders, knees, ankles and feet.

Call today for a free examination and screening. Phone 256 494 8690