2016 Easy Exercise Weight Loss

2016  Weightloss Tips

Buy a pedometer and try to get 10,000 steps per day in. That’s about 5 miles +/- depending on your stride length.
Walk everywhere (carrying a baby while you walk also helps a lot).

Swim, swim, swim.

Find fun exercise. Join a softball team, commute to work on a bike, whatever. Your strategy should be time-sensitive – only make choices you can see yourself doing for years, be it gym, running, walking, whatever – temporary won’t work.

If you are resistant to exercising, consider volunteer labor. Walk dogs at the animal shelter.Do riverside clean-ups with a local environmental group. Volunteer on building and repair projects.

Replace your least favorite TV show with mild calisthenics for 30 or so minutes.

Get an active dog! They will force you to get outside every day, and they make the best exercise companions.
Make friends (if you haven’t already) with very physically active people. If you have very active friends, you will be exercising without even noticing it because you will be having fun with friends.
Do squats while brushing the back sides of your teeth and calf rises while brushing the fronts. Then you get in at least some exercise and also brush long enough.)

Take the stairs. Walk or bike ride that short distance instead of

Use those multi-colored stars on the calendar for each day you’ve achieved your goal — exercise, diet, whatever it is. Gives you something, small as it may be, to look forward to.
Start walking outside to get fresh air, which translates into better mood. If rains, use treadmill. But walk fast, no sissy stuff.

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